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This is a completely, unique and invitation-only
counter salon exclusively
for members in Japan.
The owner of counter salon who loves old bottles of Johnnie Walker
only arranges Johnnie Walker with good old days.



Ancient city...Gion.
A cobblestone where Maiko comes and goes.
Tailcoat is located on a quiet antique street.
Once you step inside, you will feel as
if you are in a medieval European castle in a refined restaurant.
Please spend a memorable time with delicious whisky
in a spacious space with 7 seats at the counter.



We have various kinds of bottles and commemorative bottles
from modern time to 100 years ago.
※ We also have other drinks available,
so please contact us if you have any questions.


Our restaurant has a membership and bottle-keep system,
and you can come to the restaurant with your introducer or
with a phone reservation by your introducer.
In order to become a member,
you need to drop a bottle that will serve as the "key" at the entrance.
Once you become a member, you can enjoy many cups of whiskey and other drinks,
but as long as you drink from the bottle you keep,
you can relax with ¥10,000 per seat.